A collection of web resources relating to the practice of Two Way Prayer

Dick B.

Dick B has researched and published more than 40 books and hundreds of articles on early A.A. 

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Hindsfoot Foundation

A great source for articles, books, and opinions on the moral and spiritual dimensions of recovery. 

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All Addicts Anonymous

Founded by Tom Powers who had Bill Wilson as his sponsor, this is a group keeps the spiritual message of early A.A. alive and well. 

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Back to Basics

A.A. archivist Wally P. describes some of the earliest A.A. meetings and how they differ from those of today.

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Father Bill's Recovery Sermons

Father Bill delivered a series of sermons at an alcohol and drug treatment center in Austin, Texas, which helped make Jesus real and relevant for many struggling to find a faith that worked.

Click here to find sermons at SamShoemakerCommunity.org