— Frank Buchman, Oxford Group Founder

A collection of web resources relating to the practice of Two Way Prayer


Dick B.

No one has done more researching the roots of AA’s original program than the late Dick Burns. Dick wrote well over 40 books along with hundreds of articles making his research widely available to all in 12-Step Fellowships. His site should be the first stop for anyone interested in the Christian roots of AA.


Begun in the year 2000, founder Jim M. has assembled perhaps the very best collections of AA archives and recovery related information you will find on the Internet. Wander on his site for weeks on end as he makes available books, articles, tapes, films, and videos related to all aspects of recovery.  Jim truly brings “service work” to a whole new dimension.

Wally P

Wally P. is the founder of the Back to Basics movement in recovery. Groups follow his method for taking newcomers through the 12 Steps quickly but effectively in like manner to the process developed in Cleveland AA in the early 1940’s. Additionally, Wally authored Listening to God, the story of his encounter with the late James Houck who taught Wally how Oxford Group and early AA members practiced Two Way Prayer.

AA the Original Way

Compiled and maintained by an active AA group in North Carolina, this site is a great resource for those wanting to take the 12 Steps as suggested by some of the AA pioneers.

Step Study

James R. has developed a website offering keen insights into AA’s original program and early history. His site contains links to some Oxford Group classics as: Soul Surgery by Howard Walter, What Is the Oxford Group - by a Layman with a Notebook, and I Was a Pagan by V.C. Kitchen.

Hindsfoot Foundation

AA historian and author Glenn C. has researched and authored dozens of books and hundreds of articles on AA’s early history. His website contains scores of free articles on many of AA’s pioneer members.