— Sam Shoemaker, a Leader of the Oxford Group

Two Way Prayer Sample Writings

Here’s a collection of writings Two Way Prayer listeners have sent us. There really is no right or wrong way to do this work. What seems most important is the sincerity of the question each listener asks and the listener’s willingness to let go of control and “let the answer come.” 

 As the Big Book promises, “When we drew near to Him He disclosed Himself to us.”  And again,  “What used to be the hunch or the occasional inspiration gradually becomes a working part of the mind.”

From Payton:
I was feeling a lot of guilt and shame and struggling with my stubborn perfectionism.  

My question:
Father, how can I become more forgiving of myself?

My answer:
I made you as you are. Every part of you serves a purpose in my plan. Even your perfectionism serves a place. Know that some undesirable traits give you the opportunity to grow closer to me. You have my love no matter how imperfect you think you are. Remain humble by admitting your faults to me and to others. Focus on forgiving others for their shortcomings. I am always directing you in some way and you are still learning to listen. Do not think that your misdeeds exceed the capacity for my grace. I love you and will not let you go.

From Joe:
My Inner Critic was sounding off, telling me I'm a failure, lazy - that life is meaninigless and that death is staring at me in the face.

My question:
Lord, please help me!

My answer:
Did you think the walls would fall without a fight? All your shadows came out yesterday. Let this show you, your inner-life is unmanageable too. Who do you listen to? Who will you follow? Trust me! I’ll never let you go. You are dust and to dust you will return” – But know in the recesses of your heart, that you are my dust - And know that I became dust and made it and you sacred – always and forever mine.


From Doug:
I was feeling small and overwhelmed, financially insecure and worried about the future.

My question:
My question: God, what should I do about my fears today?

My answer:
Look at this day as belonging to me - along with all the wealth in the world. Trust in me to provide for you. Have I let you down yet? Continue on your path of simplification and cleansing from your fears and anxiety and trust in me. Eat simply. Live simply.Exercise!

Take only what you need in life and leave the rest for others.

I was struck by a statement of Carl Jung saying
“neurosis was inevitable if one did not believe in life
after death.”
Question: Lord, I have no certainty of this. Please guide and help me.

Answer: My Brother, I had none myself for a time.
I would not have been human if there existed no doubt.
But it did not rule me. It did not stop me.
Like Job I said even on the cross: “Though you slay me,
yet will I put my trust in you.”
Now it is time for you to do the same. Trust infinite
God & not a finite self.
And what is it that goes on you ask?
It is the love you build in your consciousness.
God is Love. I am Love. And you must come to see that you are as well.
Now don’t imagine this as having love or showing love – No –
it is being Love.
So let your body go – Let your limited vision of self go.
Come from me.
From a wholly new self. Here is peace.
The peace that passes all understanding.
This is who you are, My Brother.
Here – in this realization – lies the peace of God.
Let the world boil away all that is not love. Let it all go.
What remains is simply us.
We are who you are and we are here forever
So relax and let go into us
You are the fourth absolute. The first three bring you to this realization.
This is the wholeness you seek.
Make Love your sacred word.
Breathe it/us in and out.
This is our name for you.
Let it be yours for us.

Question: Lord, Holy Spirit: I’m growing more willing to be guided daily by you. Please help me know your will and give me the strength to do it.

Answer: Dear One, Listen. This is key.
Listen daily – hourly – be guided
It will feel foreign at first – but think of a blind man learning to walk.
He must trust - He must develop other gifts.
Listening and sensing - Dreaming and having visions.
The more you do this the more use you will be to us.
Don’t think – Dream.
Jesus was a dreamer – His whole life was a lived dream of what a God-guided life would be.
I ask no less of you – though you will stumble and fall far more often tan you succeed.
And so it is a child learns to walk.
We want you free from the bondage of self.

(I had forgotten about a workshop I was to do at the Salvation Army. I was “guilting” myself for being
so “stupid.”)

Question: Lord, help me and the men benefit from
my mistake.
Answer: We forgive you. In fact, we never judged
against you.
Come closer to us and see yourself through our eyes.
The merciless judge with is not from us.
He is you ego taking on our role.
Go to the AA meeting (at the Salvation Army) and
make amends.
This may do more good to some men than your workshop.
Things – all things – put in our hands work for good.
Don’t look back on today.
When tempted – meet your inflated ego who would pull
you down and destroy you.
Go now.