Next Steps

In this video, we discuss the ways you can move forward.


Once we’ve experienced the power of Two Way Prayer and commit to making it part of our programs, we need to ask God for guidance on moving forward.

For some, the answer may be to work by ourselves.  This work is tremendously intimate and it may take some time before we’re comfortable sharing.

But some may be guided to share their writings with a friend or with a sponsor. Some others may be guided to start a group focused on studying A.A.’s early history or going deeper with the last three Steps and sharing how God is working in their lives.

Groups are starting within our various fellow-ships, always adhering to their fellowships' particular traditions. As you travel deeper along your spiritual journey in the days ahead, we hope to hear from you along the way.

Please share some of your experience, strength and hope with us as well as some samples of your writings.  

We’d like to post some of these on our site in the coming days. Meanwhile, God bless! (And keep listening and writing!)